StarBites A new quality koi food

Also for the smaller purse, we have tried to develop a koi food that distinguishes itself from other brands in this price range. StarBites is our new generation quality food with yet again a number of exceptional properties. The guaranteed addition of all necessary vitamins, including vitamin C contributes to optimal health and a very strong immune system of your precious Koi.

Unique in StarBites are for example the low sugar levels. These prevent fatty deposits and support the health of your Koi. The use of high quality body identical proteins in StarBites optimizes growth and aid tissue repair. Also the high quality oils and fats in StarBites ensure your Koi is equipped with the necessary energy. StarBites is therefore rich in healthy fatty acids which are essential for proper digestion.

The composition of StarBites again ensures good growth, colour support and a healthy clear mucus layer. StarBites is a very fresh and tasty koi food which koi remain continually attracted to.

StarBites doesn't colour your pond water and leaves no oily film or foam on the surface.

With StarBites, we prove that with this affordable koi food, you can achieve great results and feed your koi all the necessary nutrients and vitamins needed in their diet.

Due to it's composition, StarBites can be fed from early Spring to late Autumn.

StarBites Growth Plus is a growth and color food in one. It can be fed from early Spring to late Autumn. Growth Plus doesn't stain your pond water and doesn't leave a foam or oily film on the surface.

Available in 15 kg bags.


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